Nikolai graduated beauty school in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2012 where he worked at ASH Salon before taking the leap to San Francisco. He started out at Patrick Evan Salon but then became a part of the Elan team in 2016.


From a young age his mother exposed him to the self-taught craft. He has backgrounds in all mediums, drawing, painting, clay work, woodwork, metal sculptures, music, and finally hairstyling. He incorporates a lot of his artistic mediums into his cutting techniques, ensuring a unique attention to detail with every cut and style for each client. He also works with clients to help develop easy styling habits in order to preserve the longevity of each cut. So, even when it’s time for the next appointment, the client still looks good.  


He specializes in men and women’s haircuts, creative cuts, hair designs, and HotHead Tape-in Hair Extensions.